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Position Statements
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February 10 - Support for AB400/SB332, requiring children to be rear-facing in car safety seats until age 2.

January 21 - Coalition letter in support of current wording in Assembly Bill 36 / Senate Bill 30 that would keep novelty lighters behind the counter and out of children's reach.


December 29 - Letter of opposition to Senate Bill 381 / Assembly Bill 504: relating to the age restriction for operation of a small utility vehicle

October 26 - Letter of support to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Managed Care Plan Network Adequacy Model Act

October 8 -
Letter of opposition to Senate Bill 301: removing the lower age limit for participating in the hunting mentorship program in the State of Wisconsin

August 31 - WIAAP Support for Assembly Bill 308: providing an exemption from civil liability for forcibly entering a vehicle under certain circumstances

June 30 - Mandatory Influenza Immunization of All Health Care Personnel
  •  Mandatory Flu: Frequently Asked Questions

May 29 - Novelty Lighters (AB36/SB30)

May 27 - Addition of Meningococcal Vaccine to School Requirements

May 26 - WIAAP Opposes SB179: Termination of pregnancy after 20 weeks gestation
- WI-ACOG Issue Paper 20
- WI-ACOG Key Talking Points
- WIAAP Endorsement of Issue Paper 20
- Senate Bill 179
- a Joint Letter, signed by the presidents of WI-ACOG, WIAAP, WMS, and WAFP was delivered to the members of the Wisconsin State Senate asking them to vote against this legislation

February 27 - Packaging, Marketing, and Sale of E-cigarettes
March 2015: E-Cigarettes - State Regulation and Related Topics - An Update on the Science
October 2014: American Heart Association Policy Statement on E-Cigarettes

February 27 - Personal Conviction Waivers from School Immunization Requirements

February 27 - Addition and Deletion of Newborn Screening Tests



February 24 - Prevention of Death Secondary to Cardiac Arrest in Student-Athletes

February 23 - Public Insurance Coverage for Children



August 14 - Recommendation for Setting Later High School Start Times

May 22 -
Talking Points regarding Mandatory Influenza Vaccination



February 13 - Delegation of Nursing Services in the School Setting

August 14
- Fluoridated Water

March 1 - Cyberbullying



September 28 - Sports-Related Concussion in Children and Adolescents

September 26 - Pulse Oximetry Screening For Critical Congenital Heart Disease in Newborns

September 7 -
Discussion and/or Counseling Related to Firearms

August 28 -
State laws relating to the reporting of the disappearance and death of a child