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State Affairs
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In alignment with our chapter’s strategic priorities, WIAAP collaborates with our state's executive, legislative and departmental leaders on policies impacting child and family health and the practice of pediatrics. We convene a multi-organizational Pediatric Policy Group that reviews relevant issues at hand in the state, collaborating on advocacy on issues of common interest to strengthen messaging to decision-makers.
Some state advocacy issues on the horizon for 2017
  • 2017-2019 biennial budget provisions
  • Implications of the potential shift to a block grant model for Medicaid funding
  • Mental and behavioral health care delivery, including school-based services
  • Oral health access and Medicaid pilot programs
  • Expansion of funding for the Child Psychiatry Consultation Program (CPCP)
  • Updated educational requirements for opioid prescribing and pediatrics-focused CME
  • Child trafficking
If, at any time, you would like to know our position on an issue or want to request our support, please contact us. We review these inquiries on a case by case basis and provide background information, and, where appropriate, chapter-level support.
Our organization and executive director are registered through the state Government Accountability Board's (GAB) lobbying oversight.

New Position Statement: Confidentiality Protections for Adolescents and Young Adults in the Health Care Billing and Insurance Claims Process.

AB260 - Expanded scope of practice for chiropractors in conducting pre-participation exams for student athletes.

In late April, a bill was introduced in the state Assembly that would allow chiropractors to conduct pre-participation exams for student athletes. Unfortunately, it has passed out of the Assembly Committee on Health and is now scheduled for a floor vote this Wednesday, June 21, 2017.

The only supporter of the bill is the Wisconsin Chiropractic Association. 21 other organizations, including WIAAP, are opposed and lobbying against passage.

We are asking our members to call their representatives to express your opposition. To find your legislator, visit this page: and type in your address.

It is critical that you make contact by phone. Time is short.

  • AB260 - Bill text and history
  • WIAAP position statement on chiropractors and PPEs
  • 4/26 coalition letter opposing the measure to Assembly Committee on Health
  • 4/26 WAFP testimony opposing the measure
  • 4/26 WPA testimony opposing the measure
  • 6/12 press release on coalition opposition
  • 6/16 coalition memo to full State Assembly
  • Infographic / leave behind on key points for legislators
  • 6/29 USA Today High School Sports column: Why Wisconsin should not allow chiropractors to perform sports physicals
  • 7/24/2017 coalition letter opposing the measure (to State Senate Committee on Health and Human Services)

On May 12, 2017 WIAAP joined a coalition of stakeholders to support the American Lung Association's efforts to pass legislation that would tax "little cigars." View coalition letter here.

Since the state budget is still in play, our groups are still advocating to keep a proposed tax increase on little cigars in tact. It would be beneficial to make calls to key Republican Senators asking them to support the measure in as proposed in the Assembly's Tax and Transportation budget. 

Talking points:

  • Little cigars are just brown cigarettes in disguise.  They are identical to cigarettes except for the paper they’re wrapped in.
  • Brown cigarettes are cheaper than regular cigarettes because of a loophole in Wisconsin law; they’re taxed much lower, giving them a price advantage.
  • Unlike regular cigarettes, brown cigarettes also can come in candy and fruit flavors.
  • The combination of low prices and flavorings make them a favorite of youth.
  • This is a common sense action that would prevent thousands of Wisconsin kids from taking up smoking.
  • The Assembly version of the budget closes that unfair loophole, and taxes both products the same, but the Senate version DOES NOT.

Again, calls/emails to any Republican Senators are needed and welcome (enter your address to find contact information here).