Sideline Care of the Young Athlete Training Course

>Sideline Care of the Young Athlete Training Course

Sideline Care of the Young Athlete Training Course

NEW 2/14/2019

There will now be a the opportunity to participate virtually in this activity.

This one-day course will be held at the AAP headquarters in Itasca, IL on April 6, 2019 and will provide guidance to medical professionals providing sideline care to the young athlete between the ages of 5-18 years of age. Participants will learn key elements for developing an emergency action plan, equipment to have onsite, medico-legal issues, concussion management, treatment of common on-field injuries and return-to-learn protocol.

More information and registration information here.

Course Objectives

  • Participant of this course will learn the following:
  • Know the important elements of a venue-specific emergency action plan
  • Know the most important equipment to have available on the sideline when covering a sporting event
  • Understand the medico-legal issues associated with providing medical coverage of a sport event
  • Know when an events should be cancelled or delayed due to severe weather
  • Understand the basics of sport-related concussion management
  • Know the pathophysiology and return-to-play decision-making process related to sport-related brachial plexopathy (stingers and burners)
  • Know how to reduce and protect common fractures and dislocations
  • Know how to manage common medical emergencies outside of the hospital
  • Know the epidemiology of sudden cardiac death in athletes
  • Understand that team physicians often make medical decisions with incomplete information

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