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Early Childhood Advisory Council
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The Governor's Early Childhood Advisory Council (ECAC) was formed as a result of the Head Start Reauthorization Act of 2007. This Council is building upon the work of the Wisconsin Early Childhood Collaborating Partners (WECCP), the Children's Trust Fund Board, the Partners for Wisconsin Economic Success, and the Governor's Birth to Three Interagency Coordinating Council.

Council Mission

The mission of the Council is to help ensure that all children and families in Wisconsin have access to quality early childhood programs and services.

In spring 2015, the ECAC selected the top six priorities believed to have the biggest system impact for children and families in Wisconsin, and selected a member leader for each goal. All input is welcome - please direct any comments or questions to the appropriate lead. 

GOAL 1: Create a comprehensive integrated data system to be used in planning and decision-making to ensure that outcomes are measured and evaluated.

Lead: Fredi Bove, Department of Children and Families,

GOAL 2: Create a cross-sector comprehensive screening and assessment system to identify needs, facilitate referrals for young children and to inform parents.

Lead: Kia LaBracke, Wisconsin Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics,


GOAL 3: Assure cross-sector pre-service and in-serve systems that provide quality professional development pathways and opportunities for the workforce.

Lead: Katie Roberts, Waukesha Technical College System,


GOAL 4: Assure adequate and equitable funding, derived from multiple funding sources, to support comprehensive and continuous early childhood services.

Lead: Dave Edie, Wisconsin Covering Children and Families,


GOAL 5: Strengthen systems to promote community partnerships and collaborations in service delivery among programs and agencies.

Lead: Jennie Mauer, Department of Public Instruction,


GOAL 6: Continue efforts to support evidence-based and culturally competent programs that build strong families and resilient communities.

Lead: Janelle Moran,