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Children Come First (CCF)
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The Children Come First Advisory Committee is established by state statute to focus on systems of care that children are involved in and specifically the Coordinated Services Teams approach, which is a strengths-based wraparound service for some of the state’s highest risk children.


Championing collaborative systems of care for children and their families.


All Wisconsin families that include children with multiple needs – especially the largely underserved population with mental, emotional or behavioral disorders – will have access to comprehensive, coordinated and individualized care that is child-centered, family-driven and strength-based.


Methods used to achieve a statewide collaborative system of care (CSOC) include:

  • Promote the CSOC model within state agencies, local governments / tribes, communities, faith organizations and service providers.
  • Identify fiscal and policy barriers to developing / expanding collaborative systems of care.  Promulgate solutions to barriers limiting the availability, sustainability or efficacy of collaborative systems of care.
  • Monitor the implementation and operation of CSOC initiatives throughout the state.  Ensure adherence to all fundamental principles of collaborative systems of care.
  • Foster communication and assistance among CSOC programs throughout the state.
    Issue an annual report detailing the outcomes achieved by Wisconsin's CSOCs.

  • Advise the DHS and DCF secretaries and legislature on matters relating to collaborative systems of care, interagency collaboration, and the children's mental health system.




Wisconsin's Collaborative Systems of Care go by different names: Coordinated Services Teams (CST), Wraparound Milwaukee and "Children Come First" (CCF). All are names of initiatives which use the wrap around process to respond to individuals and families with multiple and often serious needs in the least restrictive setting possible.

This wrap around process is based on family and community values, is unconditional in its commitment to creatively address needs, and supports community-based options. Each child and family-centered team develops an individualized plan, incorporating the strengths of the child, family, and team members to work toward identified goals. Parents / care givers are equal partners and have ultimate ownership of their Plan of Care.