We serve Wisconsin children, families and their clinicians through health advocacy.

Improving Infection Control Measures

Resources and Training for Health Care Settings

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a wide-range of resources, trainings, and outreach materials to support health care workers in implementing and improving in-clinic disease control measures. We have gathered the most relevant resources and trainings from the CDC to help our pediatric health care members maintain safe environments for their team and their patients.

Join WIAAP, Get Involved, Take Action

Pediatricians from across Wisconsin have joined the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics for many reasons including professional development, statewide networking, and an opportunity to serve Wisconsin’s children on a larger scale. Press play to learn more!

Government Affairs

WIAAP Advocates for Wisconsin’s Children

Position Statements
Position Statements

WIAAP reaches out to our members to contact legislators and other policy makers (federal, state, local) to show support and offer expertise on issues critical to children. We provide position statements and talking points to help make it as simple as possible to advocate for Wisconsin’s children.

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Federal Affairs
Federal Affairs

WIAAP works with members of the National Chapter of the AAP in Washington D.C. to advance key health priorities through lobbying Congress, building coalitions and raising public awareness.

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Wisconsin State Affairs
State Affairs

In alignment with our chapter’s strategic priorities, WIAAP collaborates with our state’s executive, legislative and departmental leaders on policies impacting child and family health and the practice of pediatrics.

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Enable pediatricians to continue to be the most effective providers of healthcare to children

Upcoming Event

WIAAP 7th Annual Advocacy Day

Wednesday, February 28,2024
Best Western Premier Park Hotel
22 South Carroll Street Madison, WI 53703

This year’s WIAAP Pediatric Advocacy Day’s focus is to push for a hearing for AB 114, a bipartisan supported bill that would extend postpartum Medicaid benefits from the current 60 days to a full 12 months.

Providing a full year of postpartum Medicaid coverage means … saving lives, improving infant health outcomes, reducing health care costs, and investing in the future of our state.

Meet Dr. Moo

Meet the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatric’s official “Spokescow.” Dr. Moo dutifully attends every WIAAP event, interacting with pediatric care professionals, medical students, and legislators alike, to help spread education and advocacy for Wisconsin’s children. Follow Dr. Moo on twitter (@DrMoo4Kids) to stay up-to-date on important WIAAP updates!

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