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Official Spokescow of the Wisconsin Chapter of the AAP

Dr. Moo has humble beginnings in the promotional industry, but she was ready to shed her stress-ball reputation in order to fight for Wisconsin’s children! After meeting Dr. Dipesh Navsaria at a trade show, the two became fast friends and are inseparable. Bonding over their passion for pediatrics, Dr. Moo and Dr. Navsaria decided to work together in health advocacy, taking to Twitter while attending important forums, legislative committee meetings, and pediatric networking events.

Dr. Moo is on the Front Lines and in the Field

Dr. Moo prides herself on lending a significant, unique voice to policy decisions affecting pediatricians and their patients. From Extending CHIP to federal health care legislation, to addressing gun violence and the separation of families at the border, Dr. Moo promises to be on the front lines, fighting for our greatest resource, our children! If you see Dr. Moo in the field (pun intended), stop by, say hi and take a photo! Don’t forget to tweet it out and tag @DrMoo4Kids and @wiaap#DrMoo #Tweetiatrician #SpokesCow #HerdTheWord 

It’s very nice to be here at the @reachoutandread National Leadership Conference. You’ve given primary care so much to graze upon for years. #ror30years

Happy 30th Birthday! 🎂

#AAP19 was inspiring! Check out a familiar advocate at 1:36... @DrMoo4Kids @navsaria @namd4kids @sftydc #PutKids1st @AAPexperience @AmerAcadPeds #pediatrics

@DocEMurray @DrTanyaAltmann @Kftwom I wasn’t in this. @DrMoo4Kids made it, though.

Who do I moo for?

Usually, to #PutKids1st. But today...


👋 to Lionela 🐮, @ForwardMSNFC.

This is a nice description of bovine life.

Unless you went into pediatric medicine. But that’s okay. I get to #PutKids1st.

Grazing on an excellent talk by @ChomiloMD on Equity, Racism, and Discrimination this morning at the @AmerAcadPeds Early Childhood Champions meeting. #tweetiatrician

@DrMoo4Kids encourages early childhood champions to attend "No Small Matter: The Role of Primary Care Clinicians in the First 1,000 Days!" October 2-3 in Waukesha, WI. Register here: @AmerAcadPeds @WisconsinAFP @navsaria @HParadisPedsMD @NoSmallMatter

The Role of Primary Care Clinicians in the First 1,000 Days

The first few years of life are the “big bang” for development — 100 billion neurons being connected by synapses at a rate of seven hund...

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