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Optimal physical, mental, social and emotional health of our youngest children and their families is critical in moving toward a future where all are able to thrive.

This year’s Advocacy Day is a unique collaboration between Raising Wisconsin, WIAAP and the WI Alliance for Infant Mental Health, and will include a full agenda:

Tuesday, February 28 – 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Advocacy 101, Virtual Session – Dr. Dipesh Navsaria

New to advocacy, or interested in a conference preview and Q&A? Join us the night before the meeting to participate. Note: A set of on-demand, virtual trainings will be made available in advance of this event. It is strongly recommended participants access those materials ahead of the virtual Advocacy 101 session.

Wednesday, March 1 – 8:00am – 4:00pm
  • Morning – Virtual speakers and workshops, login at your home, office or desired location
  • Afternoon – Legislative visits with Wisconsin legislators – during registration, you will select virtual meetings, or in-person at the Capitol in Madison. (Appointments with legislative offices are guaranteed only for attendees who register before February 20, 2023.)

All are welcome!

We look forward to learning together, and advancing the work we all do for kids in our state.

WIAAP Annual Pediatric Advocacy Day

Participants say:

“My takeaways included (1) Advocacy is as simple as picking up the phone and telling your legislator your opinion on a matter, (2) Legislators like talking with physicians and gaining information to make the best choice possible, and (3) Anyone at any level of training can advocate with legislators.”

“This is easier than I thought it would be, and I want to do it again!”

“I was grateful for the opportunity to speak and educate on some of the major risks that adolescents face with e-cigarette use as well as opportunities for legislative action.”

“It is re-energizing to advocate for our patients outside of the clinic walls and alongside dedicated colleagues. It is important to be a trusted source of information for legislators to help avoid common misconceptions about health issues that are affecting our patients.”

Keynote Speaker: Dr. David Willis, Senior Fellow, Center for the Study of Social Policy

Dr. Willis is a Senior Fellow at the Center for the Study of Social Policy, where his focus is on the intersection of child health and broader community-based early childhood systems. Before joining the Center for the Study of Social Policy, Dr. Willis had previously been the Executive Director of the Perigee Fund,  where his work was focused on the promotion of early relational health, the strengthening of the social and emotional development and advancing the field of Infant Mental Health.   A Developmental-Behavioral pediatrician, Dr. Willis was a clinician in Oregon for more than 30 years with a practice focused on early childhood development and family therapy. Prior to his work with the Perigee Fund, Dr. Willis served as director of the Division of Home Visiting and Early Childhood Services at the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Maternal Child Health Bureau.

During his career, Dr. Willis also has been a Harris Mid-Career Fellow with childhood development nonprofit ZERO TO THREE; the past president of the Oregon Pediatric Society; an executive member of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Section on Early Education and Child Care; and chair of the AAP’s Board’s Early Brain & Child Development Strategic Initiative.

Event hashtag: #WIPeds

Opportunities for Networking and Development

Every year, WIAAP develops and implements two large-scale, high-quality events dedicated to creating opportunities and space for professional networking and development. Our annual open forum is an open enrollment activity that brings a diverse group of pediatric professionals from all around Wisconsin together to review key strategic topics affecting the pediatric landscape. Speakers from a variety of specialties present on topics affecting children’s healthcare and attendees are invited to create an open dialogue regarding these topics. Our annual Pediatric Advocacy Day is built around creating better avenues for pediatric professionals to influence policy. This is not only a networking opportunity, but a way to learn more about the legislative process, meet with elected officials, and discuss key issues affecting the health and well-being of children and families.

WIAAP works diligently to ensure these events are planned to make participation as easy as possible. WIAAP aims to provide early registration dates, powerful speakers, and meaningful content to help professionally enrich all who attend.


WIAAP Statewide Open Forum

WIAAP hosts an open forum every year that gathers important stakeholders throughout Wisconsin to evaluate opportunities to advance the quality of care for infants, children, youth, adolescents, and young adults. Members meet with a diverse group of pediatric professionals to network and share ideas. All are welcome, this event is not just for physicians though it is accredited for CME.

Attendees receive access to all materials from each presentation at the conference to use for self-guided education after the conference closes. These materials are available for attendees only.

Past event topics include:

  • Adolescent Health
  • Early Childhood
  • Healthy Food for All Families
  • Immigrant and Refugee Health
  • Oral Health
  • Quality Improvement in Pediatrics

The year’s forum focused on a wholistic view of student athletes and their primary care clinicians.

Did you attend the conference and want to claim CME credit? Click here or scan the QR code below.

Fall Open Forum –

Athlete 360: The Role of Primary Care in Sports, Physical Activity and Well-being

About Keynote Speaker Joanna Lohman

Dubbed the “Rainbow Warrior,” Joanna Lohman played as a midfielder for the USWNT for nine years. During her playing career, Lohman built a platform for social impact and became the first player in Washington Spirit history to have her jersey retired.

In 2021, Lohman authored her first book, “Raising Tomorrow’s Champions: What the Women’s National Soccer Team Teaches About Grit, Authenticity and Winning.” (Goodreads review here.) Lohman currently travels the country as a keynote speaker and leadership consultant.

In addition to being an athlete, writer, and speaker, Lohman is a champion for women’s and LGBTQ equality. She is a human rights activist and high performance expert, serves as a sports diplomat for the State Department, and strives to live an unabashedly authentic life based on deep-rooted acceptance of differences.

School Health Forum – Archive Session

WIAAP and key stakeholders explore how to improve relationship, communication, and quality of care for all students in every setting.

About this event:

Take action to improve how school health and primary best support students – together! We covered:

  • The current state of the state and the need for meaningful intersection between school health and primary care
  • Prioritizing evidence-based school health through school nurses, school counselors and collaborating with medical advisors
  • Effects of COVID and mental health of students and staff
  • Advocacy roles: aligning resources and data-driven solutions

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