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WIAAP works to keep you informed of the latest in pediatric news. Among our regularly featured updates, check back here for the latest articles on breaking clinical news, legislative appeals and Day of Action notifications, archived newsletters, and member articles.

Wisconsin Immunization Program Update

Heplisav-B During February 2018 the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommended Heplisav-B, a single antigen hepatitis B vaccine, administered as a 2-dose series (0, 1 month) for use in persons aged 18 years and older. ... READ MORE

Wisconsin Immunization Program Update

Important-Measles Update Webcast On May 21, 2019, CDC’s Emergency Preparedness and Response held a webinar called “Most Measles Cases in 25 Years: Is This the End of Measles Elimination in the United States.” This webinar ... READ MORE

Wisconsin Immunization Program Update

CDC Letter To Health Care Providers-Adult MMR Vaccination CDC has a new “Dear Provider” letter to help clarify recommendations for adult MMR vaccination and assessing immunity.  The letter addresses the following important points in more ... READ MORE

Wisconsin Immunization Program Update

Wisconsin Infant Immunization Week and BigShots Winners Governor Evers proclaimed April 27—May 4, 2019, as Wisconsin Infant Immunization Week (WIIW). This week is a chance to highlight the importance of vaccinating our youngest children against ... READ MORE

Wisconsin Immunization Program Update

Important Memo Regarding Parotitis Testing Please review a memo from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Division of Public Health, and the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene (WSLH). This memo requests that an additional specimen ... READ MORE

Choosing to vaccinate: AAP PSA

Viruses are unpredictable and can cause serious complications even in healthy kids. In this video, Dr. Shelly Flais explains how vaccines are important to protect all children from harmful diseases. For more information, visit ... READ MORE

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