An Active Role in Advocacy

The Wisconsin Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics takes an active role in advocacy for children’s health and well-being both statewide through the Legislature and nationally through the House and Senate. Our Legislative Committee works to navigate the legislative process and to provide valuable resources and updated information, collectively known as Action Alerts, to our members.

At WIAAP we pay close attention to the legislative landscape and prepare both long-term and immediate strategies to address bills and legislative appeals directly affecting the health and well-being of children. WIAAP will provide position statements, prepared information documents, educational links, toolkits, and contact information to our members to ensure effective communication of our position. These resources may be provided in preparation for anticipatory bills or put together for immediate release during last-minute legislative appeals and will be available via email and on

One of the most effective ways of petitioning the government and changing the conversation is picking up the phone and calling our elected officials. Your level of participation is based on your personal preference and WIAAP will work tirelessly to provide as many resources as possible to make your voice heard. In fact, many of our members volunteer to provide in-person testimony at senate and legislative hearings. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of all children.

To learn more about Action Alerts from WIAAP, contact us.

Day of Action

Last minute national legislative appeals generally call for immediate attention. WIAAP works in conjunction with the national chapter of the AAP to provide rapid information during these times, known as Day(s) of Action, to provide updated information and action items via email, our website, and Twitter. We work as quickly as possible to offer all known information, including your representative’s contact information, talking points, resources, and position statements to mobilize all state and national members in a united effort. We call on our members to contact their representatives in the Senate and House to offer expert advice regarding key priorities affecting children.

National AAP Twitter: @AmerAcadPeds

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