Get Involved

There are many pediatric challenges as healthcare and legislative landscapes evolve. WIAAP offers opportunities to help pediatric professionals get involved in healthcare initiatives to help guide effective dialogue. We offer opportunities for participation in legislative action and for operations within the chapter.

WIAAP Committee Engagement

WIAAP Legislative Committee

WIAAP launch a legislative committee in the fall of 2018 due to the growing participation of our members and the increasing challenges to children’s health and well-being in today’s political climate. Committee members will be involved in strategic guidance for WIAAP members regarding federal and state issues. Members will analyze issues and provide strategies regarding the chapter’s involvement. Members will build on their current knowledge of the legislative process while acquiring skills and techniques to help impact Congress both successfully and effectively.  Our legislative committee members may testify during legislative hearings to provide expert testimony regarding key issues affecting children’s health and well-being. They will also help draft our position statements and create guiding information for all other WIAAP members to ensure swift and effective participation. If you are interested in joining WIAAP’s Legislative Committee or would like to learn more, please contact the executive director.

WIAAP Operational Committees

WIAAP calls on members to help grow the chapter in key areas including nomination, membership, and communications.

  • The WIAAP Board Management and Governance Committee will act as a part of WIAAP to promote and support effective board governance, oversee efficient operations, establish thoughtful and current policies and procedures and provide cohesive oversight on the health of the chapter.
  • The WIAAP Membership Committee will act as part of WIAAP to build recruitment, develop retention, expand outreach and increase membership by articulating the chapter’s value, welcoming new members, and inquiring after lapsed members.
  • The WIAAP Communications Committee will act as part of WIAAP to contribute to and manage communications plans such as web content, email campaigns, social media initiatives, and print news.

WIAAP Content Experts

As an acting Content Expert for WIAAP, members may represent our chapter for state and national initiatives, evaluate and report on activities that may or may not involve WIAAP directly but can inform our work, present at meetings, and help write content for our website and blog. Based on the initiative, this may be a formal AAP-related appointment to the chapter. Currently, WIAAP counts content experts in disaster preparedness, neonatology, genetics, and sports medicine.

To learn more about becoming a Content Expert for the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics:

Contact the Executive Director