WIAAP Membership

The Wisconsin Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (WIAAP) is an organized group of over 900 pediatricians, family practitioners, residents, medical students and other healthcare professionals working to achieve the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) goals in their own communities. There are 59 AAP chapters in the United States and Canada.

Why Join WIAAP

Chapter membership includes numerous opportunities for education, leadership, and involvement in state and local advocacy. If you are not already a member, join today! You may join the Wisconsin Chapter through the AAP website – click here to get started! 

Wisconsin Chapter Membership Includes:

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Pediatric Care Resources

Up-to-date resources including research and academic advancements, studies, and articles on a wide variety of health topics surrounding pediatric care. WIAAP is currently working to offer clinician tools and practice management resources for independently-run pediatric practices.

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Public Health Engagement

WIAAP is represented on more than nine influential policy advisory councils related to child health issues in Wisconsin, including the Governor’s Early Childhood Advisory Council, the Office of Children’s Mental Health’s Collective Impact Council and Trauma-Informed Care  subcommittee, Emergency Medicine for Children, the Wisconsin Oral Health Coalition, and the Children Come First Advisory Committee.

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Legislative Advocacy

WIAAP encourages members to contact legislators and other policymakers (federal, state or even local) to show support and offer expertise on issues critical to children. WIAAP provides position statements and talking points to help make advocacy as simple as possible. It is said that a contact from a constituent represents the opinions of 200. One call from a physician weighs in far more significantly. You are trusted sources of information.

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Quality Improvement (QI)

WIAAP creates educational resources and programs to aid pediatric professionals in attaining QI credits for MOC. The Committee on Quality Improvement of Pediatrics, established by WIAAP in 2015, aims to improve capacity for pediatric quality improvement projects and assist in the development and implementation of meaningful pediatric quality measures in Wisconsin. The committee acts as a liaison with the QI department of the National Chapter of the AAP.

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Yearly Advocacy Days

A Pediatric Advocacy Day at the Wisconsin State Capitol including prominent speakers from the House of Representatives and the Wisconsin Medical Society. Learn about child advocacy, the legislative landscape of Wisconsin, and visit prominent legislators.

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Statewide Open Forum

WIAAP gathers important stakeholders throughout Wisconsin to network and to evaluate opportunities for advancing the quality of care for infants, children, youth, adolescents, and young adults. Members meet with a diverse group of pediatric professionals to network and share ideas.

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Education & Programs

WIAAP gathers third-party resources and develops educational programs for pediatric professionals based on our key strategic priorities: adolescent health, advocacy, mental health and quality improvement. Programs include MOC Part IV accreditation plans and yearly open forums on topics affecting the child healthcare landscape.

Membership Promise

The Wisconsin Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics strives to provide timely and effective resources to all members regarding key strategic priorities based on the needs of Wisconsin’s children. WIAAP promises clear communication of directives during days of action including information regarding updates in legislation and how members can participate. WIAAP will continue to provide guided education and programs to support pediatricians’ maintenance of certification. Yearly WIAAP events will offer an opportunity for professional networking and development. As a professional medical organization, WIAAP aims to be a guiding force for exceptional pediatric care in Wisconsin.

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