The following is a message from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and the Immunization Program.

The Wisconsin COVID-19 Vaccine program is now enrolling providers.

By enrolling in the COVID-19 Vaccine program, vaccinators will be approved to administer COVID-19 vaccine in Wisconsin once a safe and effective vaccine is made available. COVID-19 vaccine will not be available for private purchase; it will only be available for delivery through the Wisconsin COVID-19 Vaccine program.

Which vaccinating entities should enroll?

Enrollment is open to all providers that will vaccinate against COVID-19 such as: health care systems; health care providers; pharmacies; local and tribal health departments; mass vaccination sites; and long term care facilities (LTC) and assisted living facilities (ALF) that are not participating in the Pharmacy Partnership program.

If your organization plans to administer COVID-19 vaccine, please register as soon as possible, especially if you plan to vaccinate priority populations such as health care workers, essential workers, or people 65+ years.

How to enroll?

Please follow the steps outlined on our COVID-19 Vaccinator page.

When will my entity receive COVID-19 vaccine?

After completing enrollment and obtaining approval from the Wisconsin COVID-19 Vaccine program, your entity will receive COVID-19 vaccine as supply allows. During the first phases of vaccination, it is anticipated that the Wisconsin COVID-19 Vaccine program will be allocated a limited supply of COVID-19 vaccine and therefore, recommendations will be limited to certain priority groups. The program plans to focus shipments of vaccine to entities that can vaccinate those early priority groups.

Over time, as vaccine supply increases, we anticipate vaccine allocations and recommendations will expand to other groups.