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DHS now recommends, but no longer requires, confirmatory lab-based/PCR tests in symptomatic persons with a negative point-of-care test result or asymptomatic persons with a positive point-of-care test result. The official memo on this change can be found here. The standing prescription order from Dr. Ryan Westergaard, state Chief Medical Officer, is being updated to reflect this change.

Please monitor your rapid test supply inventory closely and communicate with your assigned vendor should your needs change.

While lab-based RT-PCR/NAAT tests are still considered the “gold standard” for diagnosis because of their high sensitivity and specificity, point-of-care tests are an increasingly popular alternative strategy because they are relatively inexpensive and provide results in 15 minutes or less.

It is important to note there are still situations when confirmatory, lab-based testing may be needed to rule out false positive and false negative results. This includes when the public health risk or consequences of a false result are high, or for individuals who receive unexpected results given their likelihood of infection.