The Wisconsin Emergency Medical Services for Children (WI EMSC) program has been awarded a supplemental grant to improve pediatric pre-hospital care. WI EMSC is one of nine states selected for funding. Awardees will participate in a multi-state learning collaborative led by the EMSC Innovation and Improvement Center to demonstrate effective, replicable strategies to increase the number of local emergency medical services (EMS) agencies with a Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator (PECC), a designated individual responsible for pediatric emergency care coordination. Results from this project will ultimately inform and advance efforts within all 58 EMSC State Partnership recipient sites to increase adoption of this improvement within local EMS agencies.

WI EMSC’s goal is to recruit and establish PECCs in 70 additional Wisconsin EMS agencies by March 2019.

For additional information, contact Erica Kane, Wisconsin EMSC Project Manager, at 414.337.4572 or

What is a PECC?

A PECC is a designated individual who coordinates pediatric emergency care at an EMS agency. This individual need not be dedicated solely to this role. Personnel who are already in place could assume this role as part of their existing duties. A PECC may serve at one EMS agency, or multiple agencies in a region. Some roles that a PECC might oversee at an EMS agency include:

  • Ensuring the pediatric perspective is included in the development of EMS protocols
  • Ensuring fellow providers follow pediatric clinical practice guidelines
  • Promoting pediatric continuing education opportunities
  • Overseeing pediatric process improvement
  • Ensuring the availability of pediatric medications, equipment and supplies
  • Promoting agency participation in pediatric prevention programs
  • Promoting agency participation in pediatric research efforts
  • Liaising with the emergency department pediatric emergency care coordinator
  • Promoting family-centered care at the agency