The Preschool Development Grant – Birth to Five (PDG B-5) is a one-year federal grant which allows Wisconsin to complete a needs assessment and a strategic plan to improve our early care system. The grant focuses on the following activities:

  • Attracting and retaining early childhood education professionals,
  • Empowering families to make the best choices for their children,
  • Building regional networks of support,
  • And, increasing overall quality of early childhood programs.

Through this work, our vision is that by 2023, all Wisconsin families will have access to high-quality, affordable, local early care and education opportunities. By working together – intentionally aligning and improving how we support and serve our youngest children and families – we will help every child succeed and help Wisconsin thrive.

The Wisconsin Chapter participates in the Governor’s Early Childhood Advisory Council and will serve as an advisor to the PDG during its launch and beyond. We are happy to see such strong progress in the area of early childhood care and education!