Learn from a panel of experts what collective trauma is, how the trauma of COVID-19 has impacted children, how to recognize signs of this impact, when someone should seek professional help, coping strategies, and more.

  • #1: Collective Trauma 101: Definitions & General Information
  • #2: Collective Trauma 101: Strategies for Coping

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Video Segments Include:

  • Expert panel discussion.
  • Each segment is under 30 minutes in length.
  • Accompanied by a Training Toolkit with discussion questions and resources.
  • Ideal for staff training in one hour. View the video as a team and then discuss the questions in the Training Toolkit.

Additional information here

The videos are produced by the Office of Children’s Mental Health Trauma-Informed Care Collective Impact Team. The Team has held many successful trauma-informed care workshops in the past and has pivoted to providing on-demand video trainings on relevant trauma-informed care topics to further the workforces’ learning in trauma-informed care.