To better understand and meet the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) and other essential supplies, the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) has developed a long term strategy for PPE distribution throughout Wisconsin.

Going forward, all PPE requests will go through county or tribal emergency management. Each county or tribe will develop its own process and timeline for accepting these requests.

Emergency managers will submit a weekly request to the SEOC. The SEOC will review and allocate resources to counties and tribes based on the population and additional factors. Resources will be distributed weekly to each county or tribe.

Once the county or tribe receives its resources, they will work with local public health agencies to manage allocation and distribution within their jurisdiction.

Due to the limited availability of PPE and other essential supplies, agencies will not receive all the resources they request. Some agencies may not receive resources at all based on inventory availability and the need to prioritize the distribution.

Before making a PPE request to local emergency management, agencies must:

  • Implement the CDC’s PPE conservation guidance and
  • Exhaust all other potential sources, including the regular supply chain and neighboring providers.

Find more information on the new process in this Frequently Asked Questions document.

To learn more about your local request process, please contact your county or tribal emergency manager.