For most of our members, the COVID-19 pandemic is causing a great deal of change: new processes, challenges in preparedness, but also sometimes unpredictable innovations and new opportunities.

We’d like to take the “long view” and gather your (brief) thoughts on what you have seen in the field so far — what has affected children and how, be it on a patient by patient level or from a community standpoint? What approaches have you found helpful or promising? We’d like to hear both the things that we collectively need to work on as a community, as well as things that might be adapted on an ongoing basis as a better way to provide care to children and families.

Additionally, is there an issue the chapter can help you with now?

The long-term goal in collecting this information for WIAAP is to understand your concerns and identify opportunities to share with our members and direct our advocacy efforts in the future. We intend to keep this survey open long-term, so if you have additional thoughts later, feel free to submit them at that time.