October 8–12 marks National Health IT Week, with health care stakeholders across America coming together to raise awareness about the benefits health information technology can bring to U.S. health care.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) eHealth and Quality Team has developed a tip sheet, Health IT Myths: Debunking the Digital Divide, P-02248. The tip sheet presents evidence demonstrating the value that Health IT products, such as patient portals, can bring to Medicaid patients and their providers, in contrast to myths that Medicaid patients don’t use Health IT. For example:

  • When low-income families access their health information online, they tend to benefit more than others, as they are often harder to serve in traditional care models (for example, face-to-face care during typical working hours).
  • When patients use a provider’s patient portal, they are more likely to choose to stay a patient of the practice.

The tip sheet has been posted to the eHealth website, where you can find more information about how health care consumers and providers can benefit from using Health IT. Please watch for more information as National Health IT Week unfolds.